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Wayne, Hilary & Adelaide Denny. Preparing to Serve in Leadership Training in Senegal, Africa. God has called us to take advantage of a unique window of religious freedom in Muslim Senegal by equipping church leaders who have a heart for reaching their country and the Muslim world.

We should be jealous. . . for the honour of His name – troubled when it remains unknown, hurt when it is ignored, indignant when it is blasphemed. And all the time anxious and determined that it shall be given the honour and glory which are due to it.” John Stott

Friday, September 7, 2007

Wayne is preaching, and I'm crying...connection?

This is a day of excitement and tears for me...we bought our tickets to visit Senegal! We will be leaving November 30th and returning December 8th. We are both looking forward to meeting the people that we will be ministering with and seeing who we will be ministering and reaching out to! The tears part comes from the fact that Addie will not come with us. I only cried a bit as I hit the purchase button on the computer :(

Another reason for excitement for us this weekend is that Wayne will have the opportunity to preach at our church here in Iowa, Asbury Community Chapel. He will be giving a challenge on missions and then sharing our vision for Senegal. Please pray that people at ACC will get excited about what God is doing around the world and will want to be involved! We want to help churches with their vision for missions as we share with them our vision for Senegal.

P.S. There is no connection between his preaching and my tears :) I am so blessed to have a husband whom I love to hear preach and teach! (good thing)


Jeff said...

We are excited that you get to go to Senegal! Praise the Lord for His provision. I'm sorry you have to leave Adelaide. I pray that the Lord will comfort you and her while you are apart. - Jennifer

Hilary said...

Thanks Jennifer! I think I may need more prayers than Addie - she loves being with her cousin and Aunt and Grandparents :)

Anonymous said...

You forgot the best reason to live in NYC...the pizza!

Gina Johnson said...

That's like only a week!! You'll barely get over jet-leg. I hope it's still a good experience for you both. When you do take your baby on a flight, international flights treat you really well. Even bassinets are provided for the baby to sleep in during the long flight!