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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick trip to NC

I remember as a kid playing baseball with my friends and there being times when we needed an extra player and so, my sister, Lauren, would play with us. Her lack of interest for baseball in general was demonstrated by how she would regularly call "time out" right before she was going to be tagged out. As a kid, that frustrated me to no end. As an adult, I realize the only reason she played was because of me. We needed an extra player.

I recently flew into NC to surprise my sister at her farewell party. This past school year, she quit her job as a librarian at an elementary school and is planning on going to schools around the world that need help setting up a library. Her first stop will be Rwanda and she leaves next month.

In actuality, Lauren will be doing what she has always done, think about others more than she thinks about herself. I was very thankful to be able to be at Lauren's farewell party and wanted to tell her then what I'm writing here (but I lost my voice when I was there). Lauren, thanks for being a great sister. And yes, I wasn't paying much attention to how you always cared more about others than yourself when we were kids, but I am now.


Lauren Denny said...

When did you get to be so eloquent? Thank you for all your kind words. I remember those baseball games. Remember the time mom got hit in the ear? Ouch! Those were games of love for you. I don't think I've played a game since.
I also remember lots of time spent with you in the backyard building forts, playing in the field, and playing in the trees out back, especially the "bear cave". Thank you for being such a GREAT little brother. One who is a friend, confidant, and brother.
P.S. When is Addie going to be able to experience such a brother?

Jeff Frazee said...

I like you, Wayne. And it sounds like I'd really like your sister too. There's something great about sibs, huh?
It was really encouraging for me to hear that she's just going to keep doing what she's always been doing. That's what I'm striving for!