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Friday, October 16, 2009

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

When I was young, I used to go to Home and Garden expos with my dad, and they were pretty cool. We would look at all the booths as dad was looking for stuff to redo the house, and we'd get free samples sometimes or see some neat demonstrations. I always had fun going to those.
When I was in college (c'est université aux Etats-Unis) I went to a food expo once with the Director of Food Services at the school. I enjoyed that a lot too because we got to sample all of the food that companies wanted to sell to restaurants and cafeterias.
Well this past week, I went to an expo that was even better than those, I went to Le Salon du Chocolat (Chocolate Expo) in Paris. Imagine, a huge exposition hall filled with booths from bakeries and chocolate stores from all over France, Belgium and Switzerland. It was incroyable! And there were free samples!!! Now I love America, and a good old american hamburger will always be my favorite meal, but chocolate is one thing that Europe definitely does better! They even have a word in French for someone who makes chocolate. Like a pastry cook is a "pâtissier", a person who makes chocolate is a "chocolatière."
Now this could have been a good language learning experience for me, but all I really heard or said was "Voulez-vous y goûter?" (would you like to taste some?) and "Oui Madame" (yes ma'am!).


christina said...

Can we do this when I visit? Haha!

Mike and Christie said...

Wow! That sounds like a wonderful expo!
Do they do it every year?
What time?
I need chocolate! :)

heidibelle said...

WOW... this if my first time to look at your blog and my mouth is watering already. Jeff and I are planning to be at Les Cedres starting in January!