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Friday, March 27, 2009

I get it!!!! (only 8 years late)

I remember in seminary my Greek professor say, "It's not a level playing field. Some of you guys who have families are not going to be able to spend the same amount of time on your work and you simply may not be able to get the grades you would like."

I remember hearing that and just thinking, why can't these guys keep up? What's the big problem?

Now I'm in the situation of realizing that I have more than just one goal. Being a good husband and father are 2 of many other goals that rest alongside the goal of learning French. And ultimately, all of these goals are subsumed under one principle goal: becoming like Christ.

A few months back I was reading the book "Sacred Chaos." The author commented how at one stage of her life, her kids with grand kids moved back in with her. All of a sudden, the tranquil time in the morning where she could simply read her Bible and pray in silence was gone! After an episode of mourning the loss of tranquility, she asked herself, which scenario is more likely to make me like Christ?

This not at all to say that we shouldn't look for times of tranquility. However, a little chaos is good if your goal is becoming like Christ. Thus, I probably won't be as good a French student as a I was a Greek student, but I hopefully will become more like Christ.

And it's very possible that I'll also have a little fun too with my added chaos.


Brittany said...

thats a great point about prioritizing.... i dont have a family, but i feel the multi-directional pull... i hope yall are doing great--and i love reading yalls updates.... gidderdone!

Mike and Christie said...

I just love your chaos. :)

P. Smith said...

Dude... I heard you pulled a Hammy. Walk it off. I heard you also lost a finger.... just walk it off too.

abainfrance said...

I noticed also that in Seminary, the men with families were also the only ones always on time and staying awake in class.