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Monday, January 5, 2009

The adventure of grocery shopping

I thought since I had taken French before and can sort of get by in simple conversations that the grocery store would be no problem here!  Well, it has been a little overwhelming to say the least, but we haven't starved yet (thanks to hot dogs and "Tennessee" hot dog buns).

A few things that have made us smile though...
Apple juice that actually tastes like apples!  I never noticed that apple juice just tastes like sugar until I had it here,  where there is actually an apple flavor!
Baguettes and Nutella...need I say more?
And in the "Ethnic Food" Aisle?  Tex-Mex and Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

I'm still trying to figure out the cheese section though...can't seem to find the American or cheddar.  Oh well, I'm sure someone will culture me soon enough.

And just an extra to make you smile!


Mike and Christie said...

Ah, so our food is on the ethnic isle? LOL

When we were in Ukraine, we couldn't read the packages so it was a point and guess experience at best. They have a food called Pelemeni. It is stuffed with all sorts of things depending upon the color of the bag.
I just bought a few colors and dinner was always a surprise. :)

SNOW! Wow. It was 81 degrees on Saturday. On Sunday the high was 37 and today we have freezing rain. So far it is about 31. As I look out my window our tree is covered in ice, very pretty.
So how was language school? How did Addie do at school? :)

renea mac said...

Someone will "culture" you in cheeses? Did you do that on purpose?

Jenna M said...

The picture of Addie is too cute. She looks like she is enjoying the snow. Thanks for the update

Karen said...

Addie's picture is sweet medicine. Love you guys!!

calebandnicolette said...

haha, we LIVED on bread and nutella our first few weeks in beirut!

i'm jealous of all your cheese choices... we splurged and bought some cheddar this week... at $20 a kilo it's a real treat! :)

glad to hear you are getting settled in and not starving! :)

christina said...

I love the juice selection in Europe! There is approx. 5 aisles with just different assortments of juices...Love it! The cheese is a problem here as well- they like to sell it in a big bucket where you scoop your cheese out (homemade cheese!). Haven't tried that yet. I stick to the 5 Euro packaged, white-but-not-sure-what-it-is cheese! Enjoy these advnetures, they will soon be the source of much entertainment when you "remember when"! You're in my prayers as you adjust...take it slow! :)

Hilary said...

Renea - didn't even notice! I was a little too tired to catch my own joke!

Nicolette - we have branched out a little too, we had Nutella on a banana yesterday :)

Christie - we started today and it was good! Addie did ok, I think she'll get more used to it. They have pretty cool toys down there, so she should be fine in a few days.