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Wayne, Hilary & Adelaide Denny. Preparing to Serve in Leadership Training in Senegal, Africa. God has called us to take advantage of a unique window of religious freedom in Muslim Senegal by equipping church leaders who have a heart for reaching their country and the Muslim world.

We should be jealous. . . for the honour of His name – troubled when it remains unknown, hurt when it is ignored, indignant when it is blasphemed. And all the time anxious and determined that it shall be given the honour and glory which are due to it.” John Stott

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Picture of the week - sobering reality

This week we went on a quick trip to Normandy and were able to spend a day seeing WWII sites.  One of the places that we visited was the American Cemetery near Omaha beach where the soldiers who died during the invasion are buried.  It was an incredibly sobering experience to see so many graves together for so many men who died in an extremely small span of time.  This picture is just a small part of the entire cemetery.  

As I walked through this place, it made me long for a day when there would be no more war, and no more death.  Malachi 1:11, (at the top of our blog) says that "My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun."  We long for that day when all peoples, tongues, tribes and nations will know that God is the one true God and will worship Him.  It is why we are doing what we do now.  We want to be a part of issuing God's great name to the ends of the earth.  We know that He does not need us to accomplish his goal, but that He choses to use us for His glory. We are grateful that He has given us this opportunity, and that we know without a doubt that it will be accomplished.  And we are grateful that one day we will not have to live with the sobering reality of war, and death, and sin, but that one day all people will know and worship the one true God and that His reign will be one of perfect peace.

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Linda said...

Hi Wayne and Hillary...Kati Glock's mom... I found your blog through Kati and have been enjoying reading about your experiences. Kati's dad and I visited the grave of Ray'uncle who was killed late in WWII near in St. Avole (Avold?), France...we were the first visitors to his grave site...it had been 50 years since his death. The whole experience and the sight of all the white crosses was very sobering. We wanted to go to Normandy but never made it.