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Wayne, Hilary & Adelaide Denny. Preparing to Serve in Leadership Training in Senegal, Africa. God has called us to take advantage of a unique window of religious freedom in Muslim Senegal by equipping church leaders who have a heart for reaching their country and the Muslim world.

We should be jealous. . . for the honour of His name – troubled when it remains unknown, hurt when it is ignored, indignant when it is blasphemed. And all the time anxious and determined that it shall be given the honour and glory which are due to it.” John Stott

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wouldn't have guessed that

We've only been here a couple weeks, but I've already noticed several things that are quite surprising.

First, there's an awful lot of pork and alcohol in the grocery stores.

Second, the definition of modesty. You would think that the women in any muslim country would always dress far more conservative than women in western countries. That's partially true here. Women don't show any of their legs. Miniskirts would be a definite no-no. But I've seen quite a few low-cut dresses and spaghetti strap shirts.

Third, in spite of the first 2, it really is a muslim country. My cell phone has an application I can turn on that will alert me for each of the prayer call times and even tell me which direction to pray.

Fourth, they really love soccer. OK, that's not a shock. But what is a shock is how this love for soccer seems to take precedent over everything. Most days involve the power being cut as they seek to not use too much electricity. I don't fully understand the why but I'm sure of the what. However, during the world cup games, the power is never cut and a friend told me the other day that there's an advertisement during the games that encourages people to not use household appliances during the games so they can conserve energy and not have to cut power during the games.

This last one is nice along as the world cup is on. Although, I'm afraid the power cuts are only going to get worse.

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